Designing for businesses? You should know Alignable

First, Let’s get this off the table real quick — I’m not affiliated with Alignable at any way. I stumbled upon this post by their CEO — dan slagen, earlier today and was astonished by the amount and quality of qualitative data that can be extracted from their network of business owners.

Quick Intro

Alignable is a network aiming to connect SMB owners with one another in a similar fashion to how startups are networking in their hyper-connected ecosystem. Kinda cool, makes a ton of sense.

A Qualitative Data Treasure

As a part of what their network offers, Alignable users (SMB owners), rank different service providers on a quarterly basis. This ranking is processed into what they call the “SMB Trust Intex” where anyone can see how different services are ranked — from Yelp to Quickbooks:

Clicking on each company reveals a world of detailed reviews, exposing all the pain points and delightfulness SMB owners find in those different services and companies. This is Yelp’s reviews page for example (bad bad Yelp):


If you are working on a product with SMB owners as your target audience, and/or on a product competing with one of the ranked companies in this index — you should really dig in this pile of gold.

  • You could learn about other products market-fit.
  • You can infer how viable is company X’s business model.
  • You can bridge the gap of user interviews and usability testing if they are hard to achieve.
  • You can see how different stakeholders of companies are aligned — consumer vs. business owners in Yelp’s example.

I hope you’ll find this as useful as I did.