Chapter 4- Hanging out

A friend’s birthday was approaching, so I had to buy a gift. While I thought about going to the mall to buy it, the guy sent me a text.

Can I ask you something?


First, promise me that we’ll continue being friends.

Sure, we’ll always be friends.

Do you like me?

I see you as a good friend. How about you?

I see you as a friend but with love.

That is when I started to panic. I really wanted to treasure my friendship with him, but that seemed impossible if I had to reject or accept him. I started to walk around aimlessly.

Slowly, I typed, You are a very good friend to me.

That was a joke.

Ok, so we are still friends?


I want to go to a mall to buy a gift for my friend. Her birthday is coming up. I planned on going alone.

Really? Can I go with you?

Are you sure?

Yes, let’s meet.

I didn’t know what to believe about him. As soon as he arrived to my school, he was targeting my brother’s girlfriend. Then, he got his own. My friends regularly told me that he always replied like this whenever they invited him to hang out.

Susana will go? If she won’t go, I won’t go too.

Why do you always say that? they ask him.

I only want to meet her.

Without my knowledge, he won over my friends. They supported him, but my heart told me that I was going to get hurt if I got involved with him. Okay, let’s meet him, but it will be as friends.

The next day, my father drove me to the mall.

How long will you take shopping?

Not much, I will only buy her gift.

Okay, I will drink coffee here, and wait for you.

I ran to buy the gift. Then, I went to meet with him. He was wearing shorts/sports clothing and was listening to music. I was listening to music as well.

We walked around but kept a distance between us.

Hey, we have to hide, I said ducking. My father is there.

Which one is he?

That one, I said pointing in my father’s direction, Now, let’s go.

We walked around some more, and then it was time to leave. We said our goodbyes and parted ways.

Why did you take so long?

It was hard to find her gift.

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