Web Design 303: Pagination is stupid.


Now the web is moving into a direction of no longer having this classic pagination limiting the result in each page to 9 or 10 result or even 20, that would do with only game changer exclusive gigantic search engine site like google, where there are at least 100 million result that would return to user when they search for a specific keyword. With some other website having pagination is totally not cool, and that boil down to the user habit. It’s like right now people like their content to be loaded immediately once they reach the bottom edge of the page when the scroll down, they don’t want to click to see more they just being lazy and with the advance of technology yeah right, it’s a fulfillment right there. The scrolling culture on the website is all started because of another god of social networking site aka Facebook that implement that technique and now people have familiar with this, that when they see A UI like pagination and stuff people be like freak the fuck out, and said why a pagination noooooooooooo. I hate pagination, I hate to refresh the page and wait for the content to load, I can’t stand the wait for the loading content. Your site take 1 or 2 minute to load content bullshit am off. That’s majority of internet user right, they don’t have time to wait. They want it fast. So that’s come to how the designer and developer produce the solution to keep their user hooked to the site and make them satisfied then own them. So yeah now page are not mean to hide content or limit the content to be shown to user in one page. It meant to show all of contents to visitors and don’t want to hide them anything. I hope you enjoy the post and see you in the next post on Web Design 303

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