Dating apps have become the new normal, especially during the coronavirus pandemic, and many developers are trying to make the new Tinder or Bumble. The problem is that the dating app market is already overcrowded and it’s tough to create an app that will stand out from the rest of them. To become the next big matchmaking app, it’s not enough to just add swiping to the left or right.

Developers need to think outside the box.

At Mei we’ve spent over 4 years analyzing millions of text messages to understand relationships through digital channels. With the help from our…

  1. Download and open Mei
  2. Open Line and select the conversation to convert
  3. Open Mei and find the imported messages

Line, along with WhatsApp, is one of the few messaging apps that allows you to “export” a conversation. Now there’s a way to copy a single Line conversation into your local texting or SMS/MMS database on Androids.


Once you download and open up Mei, you’ll be prompted to allow it to be your default SMS app. This can be temporary, but necessary to allow Mei to write the imported messages into the phone’s SMS database…

At Mei we are committed to improving your messaging experience and believe RCS is the future of messaging. We’re working on supporting RCS and it will be available in upcoming releases.

What Is RCS?

Rich Communication Services (RCS) is a type of messaging protocol that will upgrade and replace SMS. RCS will allow for improved media handling via Android messaging such as high-resolution photos, GIFs and videos.

Similar to iMessage you’ll be able to see when a contact is typing a message and when they have received a message when you both use RCS.

RCS will replace SMS and finally…

By Douglas Patz

At the time of writing this blog post it is currently election day in the US. So I thought it would be fun to make a poll relating to voting. In most elections you must be 18 or older to vote. But I wanted to know if Mei users agreed with this. So I sent out a poll asking, “should 16–17 year olds be allowed to vote?” It has happened in the past with events like the Scottish referendum. So it could plausibly happen again. So let’s take a look at what Mei users think.

Well, it…

These days so many of our relationships are developed and managed via our mobile phone, in particular, our messaging apps. We use messaging apps to text our friends, keep up to date with family and arrange dates. But it’s not just our personal life, we also manage our professional relationships via text. To keep up to date with our team, to message our boss about tomorrow’s meeting, to arrange a job interview or to try and secure a client.

Much like romantic relationships, these professional relationships can be a nightmare to manage and understand. …

By Douglas Patz

Last week I made a poll asking what Mei users thought the world’s biggest problem was. This week I decided to do something a bit different. In this weeks poll you have 2 choices: A, and B. If everyone picks A, I will use the winner poll system to let everyone split a prize of 100 Mei credits. Seems simple enough, well there’s one little complication, answer B. If exactly one person picks answer B, they win the entire prize of 100 credits. But if more than one person picks B, nobody gets anything. I then asked…

By Douglas Patz

It seems these days that the world is plagued with issues. Everyday we hear news stories about rising temperatures, people starving, and mass murderers running rampant. It seems like there is no hope for the world. But I wanted to see what Mei users thought about all this. So I sent out a poll with two questions. Question one was “what do you think is the world’s biggest problem?” And question two was “do you think the world has gotten better or worse since 1980?” The results were quite interesting.

First let’s see what people think is…

  1. Download and open Mei
  2. Open WhatsApp and select the conversation to convert
  3. Open Mei and find the imported messages

Generally, there isn’t an easy way to take all the conversations you’ve had over the years on one messaging platform to another. But thanks to a feature in WhatsApp that allows you to “export” a single conversation, now there’s a way to copy a single WhatsApp conversation into your local texting or SMS/MMS database on Androids.

To do this, Android users can use an app called Mei in Google Play. Despite it being a texting app, it has a built-in WhatsApp-to-SMS…

What The Link Between “Constipation” And “Shopping” Can Mean For The Future of Social Science Research

Men and women tend to talk about different things. Here are the basic differences, according to some of the latest research:

If we believe language is a window into people’s thoughts, then studying word usage can lend insight to how different groups — for example, men and women — think differently. Fortunately, with the growth of digital media, researchers have been able to collect language samples on a much larger scale than ever before.

In 2013, in the largest study of its kind, researchers…

Summary of New AI, Analytics, and Contact Management Features

Before launching, we wanted to make Mei a better texting app than the ones that are pre-installed on Android phones. It was a long road of bug fixes and improvements but after almost a year of beta testing, we’re pretty much there! We feel we’ve ironed out the major issues and introduced features like data messaging and folders/labels that make us a better option than the default SMS/MMS apps on Android. …

Mei: Messaging Improved

Mei is the first messaging app with a built-in AI assistant. She delivers real-time analysis and advice based on your text conversations 👉🏼

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