Predicting Selling Price | Regression Models | Cross Validation


In machine learning, there are classification and regression model. The different of the two is that classification predict the output (or y) as either yes or no, up or down, or some other categories. For example, in sentiment analysis, we want to know whether a review belongs to a good or a bad sentiment. However, in regression, the output that we want is the value, like what will be the price of the house.

In this vehicle price prediction, it is a good practice for the regression model. It contains several…

Sentiment analysis with sklearn — 89% accuracy

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Data analysis is no longer focus on numerical data, but voice, image, and text are also important information that give valuable insight. With the analysis in this article, it is the focus of text data. Text data can be gather from several sources including product reviews, comments, question and answer, social network post. In the next article, we are going to crawl those text data.

How about sentiment analysis? What is it and how to analyze them with the machine learning? Sentiment analysis is one of the important text analysis application in natural…

Item-based collaborative and User-based collaborative approach for recommendation system with simple coding.

Overview of Recommendation System

There are many methods of recommendation system where each of them serve for different purposes. My previous article is talking about the simple and content-based recommendation. These recommendations are non-personalised recommenders, but that doesn’t mean they are less useful when compare to the other. These method are very popular for recommending top music of the week and recommending music of similar genre.

In this article, it will focus on collaborative filtering method. This method considers your taste in comparison to people/items that are in similar. Then, it recommends…

Simple, TfidfVectorizer and CountVectorizer recommendation system for beginner.

The Goal

Recommendation system is widely use in many industries to suggest items to customers. For example, a radio station may use a recommendation system to create the top 100 songs of the month to suggest to audiences, or they might use recommendation system to identify song of similar genre that the audience has requested. Based on how recommendation system is widely being used in the industry, we are going to create a recommendation system for the anime data. …

Meimi Li

A graduate from business intelligence major who fascinate about Machines learning and Artificial Intelligence.

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