BERLIN/LONDON: We’re shutting up and accepting your money.

A few weeks back we promised to make our nanopayment service more useable for a mainstream audience, and today we deliver by enabling top-ups via PayPal. This means everyone with a PayPal account (That’s 200 million people in 200 markets!) can now start paying for web content using SatoshiPay — with a few clicks and within seconds.

We are super excited about this, because now every website with every imaginable target audience can start selling articles, PDFs, audio/video files or other digital goods using SatoshiPay. …

BERLIN/LONDON: Very nice, great success.

You may have read on Coindesk that my company SatoshiPay recently raised €640k from London Stock Exchange listed Blue Star Capital (LON:BLU). This was part of a €1m funding round closed earlier today. The round was lead by our early supporter Jim Mellon, with blockchain funds Huiyin Blockchain Venture and Kryptonite 1 (NEX:KR1) co-investing.

View from a London office I recently visited

I couldn’t be happier to see “old” and “new” finance joining forces to support us at this exciting stage of our company. We are serious about this blockchain thing, and gladly receive part of the funds in bitcoin. (How does one…

A few months ago, we at SatoshiPay launched our first public field test, a.k.a. “beta”. We started by releasing a WordPress plugin and got some great feedback from around the globe, so now it’s time for making our technology available to every website, no matter what back-end it runs on.

We are doing this by opening up our API to third parties (see press release). Read about how our system works and how it can be integrated in the API documentation. Using our API, developers of content management systems can write their own plugins and publishers can integrate nanopayments into…


Founder @SatoshiPay

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