SatoshiPay launches PayPal support

BERLIN/LONDON: We’re shutting up and accepting your money.

A few weeks back we promised to make our nanopayment service more useable for a mainstream audience, and today we deliver by enabling top-ups via PayPal. This means everyone with a PayPal account (That’s 200 million people in 200 markets!) can now start paying for web content using SatoshiPay — with a few clicks and within seconds.

We are super excited about this, because now every website with every imaginable target audience can start selling articles, PDFs, audio/video files or other digital goods using SatoshiPay. We are officially expanding out of the bitcoin/blockchain niche into a broader market of publishers.

Top up SatoshiPay using PayPal in four easy steps

  1. Select PayPal as payment method:

2. Log in to PayPal and confirm means of payment:

3. Confirm payment:

4. Receive satoshis:

Feedback wanted

Our PayPal top-up service is currently in beta and we will continue to roll out improvements over the coming weeks. Your feedback is important for this, so please tell us what you think by emailing to!

To find out more about SatoshiPay’s login-less payment widget visit, or follow us on Twitter @SatoshiPay to stay up-to-date with our latest developments.

Meinhard Benn
Chief Satoshi Counter @ SatoshiPay