Our minds are like YouTube running in autoplay mode: they keep going on and on and on, flowing from one playlist to the other, shifting among categories of content, different styles, drifting far away to alternative worlds — until someone presses the pause button or closes the whole thing.


If I asked you to recall the first time you were tasting food you didn’t like — I mean really didn’t like and were even disgusted by — would you be able to? I guess you would, and I guess that, while running the tapes in your head, you are…

There is no time. There is hardly ever enough time.

Every now and then, I observe cases of UX solutions not being demonstrated in-detail prior to development. That means designers have neither illustrated the experience they designed, nor tested or reviewed them. They have not demonstrated the use-case in-detail —…

Marvily Meirav HP

UX leader : Mentor : Personal life coach : Biophysicist. Always moving forward, constantly challenging myself to go down the rabbit hole to grasp the unknown.

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