Why today is the first time I’ve published on Medium.

I usually react to writing on Medium with one or two thoughts:

  1. This person does not realize that they are writing from within the context of the tech industry. They are saying things as though they apply to the entire business world, but they are actually referring to the tech industry. This is stupid.
  2. This person must be really smart and have a job where all they do is think alone in a room all day. This is stupid.

Today, I have decided to stop listening to these thoughts and instead embrace this platform as a “medium” for formulating my ideas.

My wife impressed me when we met 5 years ago by telling me that she had been publishing a blog for 4 years. At the time, that meant not only writing regularly for years, not only making it available for anyone to see with no filter or self-censoring of her audience, but also having the technical skills needed to build her blog and get it online.

With that third element removed by Medium, I am left to face my own fear of the first two elements.

I spend a lot of time formulating my thoughts; trying to develop them into a cohesive message, principles by which to live, or plans by which to execute. I have always known that I would benefit from regularly getting them down in actual physical form. That has not been the hurdle. The hurdle has been my overly self-conscious fear that someone would actually read what I wrote and judge it as harshly as I have judged most writings on Medium (see above).

So, today I am attempting to address that fear by becoming one with the self-published authors who have shared their work here for reasons unknown. I would be lying if I said I don’t care if I write something that changes the world.

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