An Introduction to Hebrew Type

Meir Sadan
Aug 11, 2018 · 5 min read
Hebrew’s 22 letters + 5 final forms (in red) · Set in Narkis Block
Letterforms flow right-to-left, note the curving top strokes and left-facing open counters · Set in Aharoni
Some typefaces have a wide range of in-stroke angles, all usually around the 60° mark · Set in Narkisim
Hebrew letters hanging from the mem height (in red) · Set in Hadassah Friedlaender
Hebrew’s only ascender in the Lamed (second from the right), and two descenders for example — Qof (third from the left) and Final Nun (left) · Set in Koren
The three width classes: close-form group, open-form and narrow · Set in David Libre
The same word in cursive (left) and in formal script (right) · Set in Narkis Tammy and Narkis Tam
Hebrew with diacritical marks (niqqud) · Set in Frank Rühl (Hagilda)
Hebrew punctuation: Gershayim and maqaf · Set in Narkis

Meir Sadan

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