Thanks for your response Sachin, you’re absolutely right.

I’ll second that — basic income is a short-term solution only. It could ease the transition towards a fully automated economy; but once we get there, we just need to embrace it, rather than trying to maintain business as usual (hunting and gathering money).

Speaking of a name for the Updated or networked economy, Jacque Fresco spent his whole life designing/discussing how we could re-build society around a “Resource-based Economy” as part of the Venus Project. Its worth checking out if you haven’t seen it ( )

Over time, information-driven tools (one slice of that pie chart being 3D printing), will drive the cost of production down to zero.

The next question is how are those things designed, and by whom? Like your other articles state, in the future, things will likely be designed by anyone with the internet — or crowdsourced (and will probably be augmented by help from AI).

When the design of the future can be crowdsourced, it gives everyone the choice to collectively design the world they want to be part of , because they can directly vote with their ideas and become an integral part of the production/consumption process (it’s why we built Orchard — ). Jarrod, I’d love to chat more in private if you get a chance.

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