I Got Rejected by Apple Music… So I Redesigned It
Jason Yuan

I think overall this is great and designers always seem to do pretty well given ample time and authority to make product decisions (ultimately business decisions). But currently it’s just not how product design/process works in most places. The (unfortunate) reality is this design would need to take place in 1/2–1/3rd of the time frame, and be sent through the ringer of product management. It would also be subject to any business, career or inter-office political bias that upper and mid management has and be largely out of designs control. Not saying that’s how it should be it’s just how it has become…. For the larger design community it’s in our best interest to push a design centric and designer empowerment agenda…how we do that I’m not so sure.

Because it’s not that the designers at Apple aren’t capable of making designs on par or with better ux. It’s just not in their reality apparently.

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