How lucky am i to have someone who loves me.

Someone who loves me no matter what mood i am in.

Someone who loves me even when i am very difficult to love.

I have someone who loves me even when i can’t smile or when i do not want to talk.

Someone who loves me when i cannot even love myself.

I have someone who looks at me full with full of love even when i am full of imperfections.

Someone who wipes the tears from my eyes when i cannot stop crying.

Someone who hugs me so tight and kisses me when i am sad and tired of everything else.

Someone who will do everything just to make me feel okay.

Someone who does not stop trying to love me each day.

Someone who takes care of me.

I am so blessed to have someone like you.

Someone to love me,someone like you.

My Someone,thank you.

I love you.

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