Love anyway

Some say that love is easy..That if you are meant for each other,you will never lose each other.Some may say that love is easy if you are perfect for each other.We all have different beliefs and ideas about love.I used to believe that love should be perfect.After all that i have been through,i am still a bit naive when it comes to love.

How do you love?And how do you keep on loving?How do you stay in love?All these questions have different answers with every relationship.Why?Because we fall in love or atleast i fall in love to a different person when i enter a relationship.So the way i love someone before i different from the way i love someone now.This is why i do not think that there is just one single answer or solution to love.

Love is not easy.It is hardwork.It needs effort and understanding.Tons of patience and the willingness to forgive and try again.That even if you already feel tired just fight for it; because love does not need to be easy it just needs to be true.

It will hurt,It will make you cry..But love anyway.

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