The Garbage in my mind

I have many things on my mind.But when it comes to writing about it, i cannot simply put all of it into words.I do not even know where to start or what to do about it.

My head and my heart hurts at thesame time.Everything in me hurts.I feel like i have so much garbage in my mind right now but i cannot throw it away.I want to,but i can’t.It’s like having a full garbage bag that is already leaking but you cannot throw it out because there is a sign that says “do not throw your garbage here.” So i have no choice but to put it back inside again and try to find the right place to throw it.And eventhough your house smells like shit already,there is nothing you can do about it.You just have to endure the smell until you find a place where you are allowed to throw your garbage.That is what’s happening to me right now.Everything is stuck in my head but i cannot throw it all out.Every day the garbage just keeps on adding up.

I am losing hope..

I am losing the fire within me.

I feel like i am losing myself and everything that i used to be.

I do not want to see,feel or think about the garbage in my head anymore but i don’t know what to do.

Somebody help me..

I want to throw everything out.I need a fresh mind to start again.I need to say goodbye to my garbage.