GraphQL Meetup Bangkok 2.0

Next step to GraphQL Asia

In July we launched the first GraphQL meetup as a success. Followed by a lot of positive feedback and engagement it was time again to run the next meetup last week.

The past weeks the GraphQL community has further evolved and so has the interest in the Bangkok meetup as well. There continues to be a need for education and help among GraphQL beginners.

As a result the next meetup was scheduled for end of September. This time with further backing the meetup turn out to be another success with fantastic support by Apollo, Nimbl3, Prisma, Gatsby and Hasura.

This time the meetup was held at Nimbl3 offices in Asoke, Bangkok, a development studio for MVPs and apps. Olivier and Nimbl3 took the opportunity to host the event and sponsor drinks for all 40+attendees.

GraphQL Meetup Sponsors

GraphQL Bangkok 2.0 Meetup

Post to feedback on the first meetup and growing interest in the meetup we decided to go with a similar schedule with initial presentations and mingling after. We started of with a GraphQL Introduction by fellow meetup organizer Junerey Casuga.

Apollo Swag

Followed by the amazing support of Apollo last time we had Apollo sponsoring the food for the event once more. Shout-out to Apollo team and Mark for continuous support here who are really eager to support the community not only by building fantastic products.


This meetup’s highlight we were happy to have Tony Kovanen from Gatsby joining us giving his talk on GraphQL with Gatsby. The talk has been perfect to show off Gatsby’s capabilities and why it is and will be an essential part of GraphQL ecosystem.

Tony showing off Gatsby’s capabilities in a live demo

Tony pulled off not only a presentation but a live-demo on how to build a Gatsby site integrated with Github API in less than half an hour. The audience while most never got in touch with Gatsby have definitely got a taste of it now , with many attendees eager to go ahead trying out Gatsby. Thanks to Gatsby team and Sam for making this possible.

Resolver patterns

For the final presentation we decided to go a little bit more advanced look at GraphQL Resolver Patterns in GraphQL servers. Lucas Munhoz, also fellow meetup organizer, took the opportunity and presented a deep-dive on how to approach common backend tasks in GraphQL.

Slides for the Meetup (Intro & Resolver Patterns)

The presentation featured a lot of common use-cases such as authentication, authorization, business logic or database calls in GraphQL servers and where to apply resolver patterns such as schema directives or context injection.

Inspired by Prisma’s vision and value proposition:

Resolvers are the hard part

Lucas, having worked with Prisma and GraphQL, showed several helpful real-world examples such as from BrikL on how to tackle challenges with resolvers in his presentation.

Lucas on GraphQL Resolver Patterns

What’s next

The meetup was another success to help the community which continues to be continued bi-monthly sharing more success stories and teaching beginners on the GraphQL ecosystem.

As before the vision for a GraphQL Asia conference early next year we are in discussion with several partners to bring the first GraphQL to Asia soon. We are also happy to have Hasura as a big player in the open-source community to cooperate on the event. More details to follow.

We also seek support for our vision to find speakers for meetups in Asia and help organizing the summit for next year. Contact us if you are interested to support.