The Future of Planned Parenthood is in the Hands of the Next President

There is a place for women to go to for affordable health care, and it is being under attack by conservative politicians and religious organizations, who are trying to shut it down. Planned Parenthood is a safe place for women in the United States to receive affordable health care. Planned Parenthood medical centers also provide men with medical services. It is a government funded chain of health centers. This health center offers general health care services such as physical checkups, flu shots, and much more. In addition to that, the organization also provides sexual and reproductive health care services such as STD testing and birth control options. Aside from its health services, education on sexual health, relationships, and sexuality are also provided to those who are in need of it. Planned Parenthood funding in the United States has been widely disputed and fought over in the past several years. Although there is a large debate over whether or not it is necessary to keep funding Planned Parenthood, it is important for its continuation so that women can have access to safe and affordable health care.

Planned Parenthood is a safe and confidential place where women of all ages can go to for any kind of sexual health treatment and advice without being judged. Programs like this are types of saviors for many women. The fact that all of these centers are governmentally funded makes it even better for low income groups of people who may need urgent medical attention at little to no cost. The quality of this organization combined with the affordability makes Planned Parenthood a very important place for women to confide in for their health care needs. It has however come under attack by conservative political groups. In recent years, President Obama has shown his full support for Planned Parenthood by keeping its funding alive. With attempts by the republican party to end funding for Planned Parenthood, it has become evident that the next president will have to be a democrat in support of funding or else a conservative president will surely get rid of the federal funding for the organization.

Both the Democratic and Republican political parties have different views on the funding of Planned Parenthood. The chain of health centers, Planned Parenthood, is mainly supported politically by the Democratic party. On the other hand, the Republican conservative party is against Planned Parenthood. Conservatives have tried for several years to pass legislation to end funding for Planned Parenthood but to no avail. In an article published in the New York Times by Jackie Calms titled “Break is Likely in Planned Parenthood Funding Battle”, the issue of funding for Planned Parenthood is discussed. For the past several years, some Republicans have attempted to pass a legislation through congress to end funding for Planned Parenthood but President Obama has vetoed their attempts. The article explains a new strategy with which Republicans will attempt to use to cut the funding. The evidence is video surveillance footage of Planned Parenthood selling fetal tissue to researchers for profit. Calms says that President Obama had promised to veto the legislation for this case as well. This shows that as long as Obama is still in the white house, Planned Parenthood funding will not be cut. This is further explained by the president of the National Right to Life Committee, Carol Tobias, when she says, “We won’t be able to remove federal funds from Planned Parenthood while this president is still in office. But we do have a pathway when a pro-life president is elected” (Calms). This means that the upcoming election will most likely determine the federal funding for Planned Parenthood. It will be important that a Democrat like Bernie or Hillary becomes president for the funding to continue.

President Obama has come to veto the legislation proposed by Republicans in the last month of January. The continuation of funding for Planned Parenthood is essential for low income groups of people. It is important because Planned Parenthood is free of charge for people who qualify. There are women who need to have medical attention for their sexual life, and Planned Parenthood is a safe and affordable place for that. The funding for this program that Obama has helped protect is crucial for the development of affordable healthcare for women and all citizens of the United States. This is explained in an article published on the New York Times on January 8. 2016 entitled “Obama Vetoes Bill to Repeal Health Law and End Planned Parenthood Funding” by Gardiner Harris. According to Harris, when Obama vetoed the bill he wrote a message along with it saying that the bill would “reverse the significant progress we have made in improving healthcare in America.” There has been a significant boost for low income individuals with the funding of this organization. Women have become more well educated through Planned Parenthood and receive proper health care on that topic as well. Thus, it is important to keep funding up for the sake of women’s health. Obama added to the veto message: “Because of the harm this bill would cause to health and financial security of millions of Americans, it has earned my veto” (Harris). As long as there continues to be funding for Planned Parenthood, women will have a safe and affordable place to go for their health care needs met.

It is important to continue funding the operations of Planned Parenthood for the sake of all women in the United States. This health center has helped a large amount of women, as well as men. It is a useful resource to have for all women of all ages. Therefore, it is important for the next President to be in support of funding for Planned Parenthood. I hope that even if the next president is not a Democrat, they will understand the importance of Planned Parenthood for women and decide to keep up the funding.

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