Do Something Fun

This was definitely a challenge (how sad is that), as I am in the middle of looking for a job and I feel the need to stay focused on that, but this was definitely a much needed thing. I thought getting some comfort food and a slice of home would be great! I decided to go with my sister to the only Honduran Restaurant in the Twin Cities. And really, the menu is half Honduran food half Mexican food. But that isn’t a problem for me because I’ve always said my stomach is Mexican since I love Mexican food. While there, my sister and I got to catch up and re-live old memories since the décor in the restaurant reminded us of home.

Pastelitos- similar to empanadas

We laughed at the memory of dad’s corny jokes and of the small gifts he always brought us, like an ugly old stuffed animal dog that looked like Lassie. He wasn’t soft and cuddly, he was actually quite stiff, but I loved him anyways because I always remembered waking up that day and seeing the three stuffed animals my dad had brought for my two sisters and me.

I called home (LA) to ask my other sister if Lassie was still around and he was! She had an impromptu photoshoot.

Anyways, we had some good laughs, ate good food, and even took some to go because it was a treat that we did not get often. I had fun and felt more ready to continue with homework and the job search process.

Mind Map (image)

Our assignment for this part was to explore the space of Health and Wellness in order to fully understand everything this theme could encompass. I did my mind map on paper first and then digitized it on the class website. I found myself thinking about things that have been happening in my life or in the lives of family and friends. And it was interesting when one chain led to a “dead end” and I could not think of more in that space. For example, I love sleep so I thought I would be able to come up with many connections. Although not much more came from sleep, I did find that sleep did connect to other chains including mental and physical health and it was an important part of work life balance.

In the short mind map that we did in class as a group, health and wellness was an interesting topic and so when I did my mind map at home, I made the connection of health and wellness for the homeless population at home in the U.S. because even though the issues there are are different, it would be a good topic to learn more about.

Mind Map (digitization)

Suggested Themes

After doing the mind mind map of Health and Wellness 3.5 times (since I could not figure out the best way to make the web look pretty online), I found three topics that I thought would be interesting.

  1. Homelessness

Attaining good health and wellbeing can be hard enough for a regular person, but add homelessness to that and a ton of other issues arise. Finding a place to sleep can be a top priority, so health and wellness becomes a luxury. There are many problems to explore here and much needed solutions to help people who just want to go back to their normal lives. My sister’s boyfriend works at a day shelter and from a brief google search, the number of homeless people in the Twin Cities keeps increasing despite the work being put into solving the problem. It would be interesting to find ways to make health and wellness more attainable.

2. Family Caregivers

My mom has been having a lot of health issues recently and my dad and older sister have had many long nights and waiting time at the hospital. I remember sleeping over at the hospital with her a couple of years ago when she had surgery and I had to sleep on a semi-fluffy chair. It was better than what I was expecting, but not comfortable. It sounds like my dad and sister are very stressed and I know many other people who take care of family members are too. People love their family and want to help as best as possible, but being someone’s caregiver takes a lot of time, patience, and resources. I am sure there are many problems and solutions to explore here. Especially for people who are new to being a caregiver and cannot afford to pay for someone else to do it.

3. Mental Health-Depression

Mental Health is talked about more and more these days, but it is still taboo. Having been on a college campus for almost six years now, I have seen many problems around the issue. From things such as finding the right counselor to finding ways to pay for sessions when student insurance is no longer available, these issues are serious and more solutions are needed for an ever-growing demand for mental health resources. It would be interesting to explore the space and find some unmet needs.

10 Silly Ideas

I was feeling a little tired when I started to brainstorming, so I watched a few Jimmy Fallon/Tonight Show clips to get me in a silly mode. Here are the ten silly ideas I came up with:

Inside Out Water
Hot Tempered Tattoo
Sleep Master 3000
Melon Washer
Motivation App
Air P&P
All-in-One Mouth Wash
Anxious Wear-Bear
Sweater for Every Season
Edible Toothbrush
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