My General Ideas

The first part of the assignment was to brainstorm for an hour. I was surprised that I still had new ideas flowing out.

New Warm-Up Game

My new warm-up game is called farm family. When I was brainstorming ideas for a new game, I thought there were a few traits that made a game an improv game. These traits involved: creativity, making connections, having fun, and being silly. I wanted mine to have animals so thats what I started with. Here’s how to play:

Farm Family

Group size: 5–10 people

Supplies: 1 pen and paper for animal picking


  1. On small pieces of paper, write out different animals, enough for each person in the group. Fold up paper so names are not visible.
  2. Have everyone pick a piece of paper.*
  3. Have everyone go around and share their animal and the motion and animal call they are tagging along with it.
  4. The leader starts the game by making their own animal gesture and sound and calling the next person by animal gesture and sound. The next person has to repeat their animal gesture and sound and pass it to someone else by saying the other person’s animal gesture and sound. No one is to mention the actual name of the animal once the name begins.

*if there is no paper available, leader can randomly assign animals to people.

Here is an example of how it would go:

Person 1(frog): ribbit ribbit (while hopping), sssss(whiles slithering)

Person 2(snake): sssss(while slithering), oohooh ah ah (while scratching armpits)…..continues this way.

Session Organization

Session 1

Participants for the non-experts included a 2 mechanical engineering graduate students, an MBA student, an American Studies Major, and a 5th grader. We met in a conference room in the Mechanical Engineering building that had a lot of wall space and tables centered in the room. We warmed up with Word Ball, Look at Me, and ended the warm-up session with Farm Family. Due to varying schedules, we were only able to brainstorm for 20 minutes, had 68 ideas and our IPM was 0.68

Session 2

Participants for the expert games all included gamers who played on a daily/weekly basis. These gamers played all sorts of games from phones to PC to gaming consoles and even 3DS. They were art students, engineers, computer scientist, from Macalester and the U. I hosted it in the same conference room and played the same games as before. They also brainstormed for 20 minutes this time and had 67 ideas, for an IPM of 0.67

Sorting and Voting

Session One

Session 1

We used 3 different colored stickers to vote in both sections. We had most creative(green dot), unique (magenta dot), and personal favorite (yellow dot).

Session 2

Session 2

This group used post its to label the categories, so they name is in the group.




Stress Relief





To Go

Top 20 Ideas