I meant every word.
Daniel M. Christensen

I believe you missed mine. I rather admired your obviously difficult opinion until the last line. It is a moral issue and, by lowering yourself to Trump’s name-calling level (albeit not so dramatically and I would not dare place you anywhere near him) and exiting the civil discourse, you severely weakened your position in my eyes. My focus was not as much on HRC as on your acceptance of a behavior you rightfully bashed in Trump. We all need to really step away from such hateful narrative of our country.

The first question for us should be whether a candidate is a good person. You seem to be one and your own words say that Trump is not. He his not fit to be your President because he is not fit to be your good neighbor. Therefore, all the reasons you list are a moot point. That is unless you are willing to accept the behavior I objected to.

As to HRC, I can easily accept your reservations and objections. However, if I step away from ideology and propaganda, I cannot honestly state that she is a bad person. Just one I can disagree with on policy issues.

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