Mgmt/HR/Leadership books that shaped my thinking

A few people asked me to share my reading list as I learnt HR. A warning — I believe Management, HR & Leadership are deeply intertwined — so I make no efforts to separate them.

I believe business leaders should understand people quite deeply — similarly, HR folks need to understand business & strategy a lot more.

Also — I have been operating in the startup & growth world, so there is a heavy bias towards those.

I have tried ordering them in descending order of value to me.

  1. High Output Management — Andy Grove (The Bible of management)
  2. First break all the rules — Marcus Buckingham (Insights about what the best managers do. Driving a strength focused culture — This resonated deeply with me & I then went on to read a series of books by Tom Rath, Clifton & Marcus Buckingham)
  3. Its not the How or the What but the Who — Fernandez Araoz (The best book on Hiring. Period.)
  4. The Advantage — Pat Lencioni (Building a great team at the top level)
  5. The Lean Startup — Eric Ries
  6. Maverick — Ricardo Semler (A transparent org)
  7. Hackers & Painters — Paul Graham
  8. Drive — Dan Pink (Power of Purpose, Autonomy & Mastery is immense)
  9. How Google Works — Eric & Rosenberg (Great for newcomers to understand culture in a Tech company)
  10. How Full Is Your Bucket — Tom Rath & Clifton (Reminder to the power of meaningful recognition)
  11. Crucial Conversations — Kerry Patterson (Great, especially for providing feedback)
  12. Work Rules — Laszlo Bock (Bunch of good insights — especially on Hiring)
  13. Good to Great — Jim Collins
  14. Execution — Ram Charan & Bossidy (Foundational stuff)
  15. Leadership Pipeline — Ram Charan (Foundational stuff)
  16. Our Iceberg is Melting — Kotter (Simple, short change management book)

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