Biden and Harris will secure their victory today despite the GOP’s attempt to delegitimize millions of votes

When I get on the phone with Meedie Bardonille, a cardiac ICU nurse in Washington, D.C., she’s walking into work, armed with doughnuts for her colleagues.

It’s rare for interview subjects to ask how I’m doing. But then again, Bardonille is a nurse. It’s her job to care and to…

Her opponent refused to give up his seat even though his sexually inappropriate messages came to light

Portrait photo of Alisha Shelton in purple.

More than 25 years after relocating from New York City to Nebraska, Alisha Shelton stepped into politics for the first time, vying for a U.S. Senate seat to represent the Cornhusker State. After ending up in third place in the Democratic primary — her opponent, Chris Janicek, secured the nomination…

Mekita Rivas

multicultural writer | bylines many places

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