I, Racist
John Metta

The thing that I find interesting, is that even as a black male I don’t have those issues. I have never had an issue talking about race to white people (face to face) or ones that know me. The internet is a different medium and the anonymity lends to more extreme views.

Then again, I’m not really angry about the racism. I don’t find it personally offensive, because sadly it’s human nature and it exists occurs across all cultures. It’s not as if a nation of all blacks and few whites would be any different. Yes, we have proof of this.

That being said my perspective in seeing this isn’t about calling out hypocrisy, but instead about getting people to see the bias, without asking them to take the burden of guilt. I’ve found that people are more accepting of the facts when they choose to bear the burden. If that makes sense.

I think a lot of time when we talk about race we say, white people, as a whole, and yet we understand that being seen as a whole negatively affects us. The tendency is to push back and address whites as a whole to put them in the same situation. I try to avoid that as you’ve found it shuts down the coversation. Sorry at work, so I have to keep it short.

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