TCoE: A Widow’s Hunt

Mel E. Furnish
5 min readMar 11, 2022
Photo by Robert Anasch on Unsplash

A tan man stumbled through the dark forest, his brown gaze vast with fear as he caught sight of multiple glistening pairs of eyes throughout the shadows surrounding him. He panted as he frantically scrambled through the undergrowth, crashing through plants and thorns, ripping open his skin to draw blood from within his veins.

His heart pounded against his chest as he whipped his head around, praying for a sign of escaping the legendary woodland. He frowned as he caught the sound of a strange voice singing; his blood ran cold. The full moon shone brightly in the cloudy sky as he swallowed the lump forming in his throat. Goosebumps rose along his skin as he slowly trudged on, blood roaring in his ears.

The woman’s singing curtly stopped when he cracked a small twig under his boot. He gasped as he scanned his surroundings. The loud cries of various insects and nocturnal critters suddenly cut short. He froze as he felt his skin burning. The glowing gazes vanished, and he believed he was alone.

His heartbeat slowed as the thumping echoed throughout his fear-gripped body.

“Are you lost?” a young woman’s voice called. He slowly turned to see a beautiful woman with long black hair, dark skin, and shimmering brown eyes. She gradually stepped closer, her movements so graceful she seemed to float toward him.

“Am I within the Periat Aminas?” He questioned, his anxiety rising.

She frowned as she lowered her head. “I’m afraid so… this is where lost souls come… now, here you are,” she paused as she locked her gaze on him. “What were you running from to become lost?”

The man sighed as he shook his head. “A pack of werewolves, I think they’re former Sithtoren, they’ve been hunting me ever since I left the desert… I can’t believe they chased me here… I’ve only heard stories about this place…”

The woman smirked as she walked a circle around him. “You were already lost in other ways before now…”

Abruptly she vanished, and he was alone again — or so he thought.

A woman’s voice called out for him, “Wayne!” Wayne’s skin burned as he felt like something was watching him. He spun around, glaring into the darkness. The man’s brows furrowed as he narrowed his gaze, trying to see the…