Write, Right?

I’ve spent a good deal of my life benefiting from those brave souls who choose to put their thoughts and ideas out there in the digital space for all to read, criticize, comment on, and read. Due to this, I’ve decided to set a writing goal for myself. Partially as an effort to improve, partially as a weird return on investment for those who have influenced me. I’ll probably provide a list at some point, but, suffice it to say, there are many.

My goal is relatively simple and straightforward. Write 500 words per day. It’s not an overly ambitious goal, but it something I’ve committed to doing in 2015.

Originally I was going to do it on my little-known blog resolutionink.com, but I decided instead to put my writings and opinions out here in the big, bad world of Medium.com. It was a scary thought initally, but I think it will pay dividends in the long run. We’ll see.

The reasons I chose to start my writing practice on Medium are as follows. One, I know they’ll be seen and scrutinized by more people than my blog. Two, I’ll get valuable feedback on what I’m writing in some form. Three, let’s face it, saying my blog is little-known is like saying Lebron James is famous, a bit of an understatement at best.

So, what do I hope to achieve with these written ramblings? Well, I’m hoping that I’ll get to know myself better as a writer, designer, artist, husband, etc. Basically putting myself out into the world and seeing what reflects back at me. It seems strange to me that I haven’t done this earlier in life ( I’m 45 years young ), but as they say, better late than never.

What my hopefully growing group of readers can expect is thoughts on UX design, design, art, comics, life, love, etc. Basically human stuff. What I hope to receive is critical feedback on my efforts, pointers, and maybe a bit of learning. Feel free to be unabashedly critical in your commentary. My skin is thick and my head is hard, so you won’t hurt me in any noticeable fashion.

I’ve read for some time that writing is the way to feed your creativity regardless of your chosen creative endeavor. I know on the occasions I’ve chosen to write in the past, I’ve had breakthrough moments conceptually. I’ve just never adopted a formal practice until now.

Now, if you’re reading this and you’re saying “wow, this guy is all over the place” I’d respond, YEP. I am, my plan initially isn’t to critically judge every word I write ( that’s where you people come in ). Rather, it’s simply to hit that 500 word goal each and every day.

With that, here’s hoping some folks join me on this journey of self-discovery and exploration. I think it will be an interesting exercise, and I hope I can make it an interesting exercise for those who choose to read it ( thanks in advance for that ). Until tomorrow, I bid you farewell. Thanks for reading.

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