Great advice!
Colette Clarke Torres

Thank you so much! Now you’ve piqued my interest even more —did you say research? (smile) I’ve pulled a lot of information and saved the links to some important legislation during that time if I can be of assistance let me know. Just add Mel @ to my domain name.

“Scoop” the ” book, (or booklet ) is a short where my heroine “Nicky Jett” pokes fun at the administration. (NJ has her own series! ) However, the 80s, 90s was a very serious time. It was when we first felt a political shift. The republican leaders went from being distinguished to dastard;y… The democrats put on the good cop cape while CNN and the 24 hour news cycle turned politics into a spectator sport . Sadly it was hard to keep score because as I allude to in my story — every administration since Reagan has continued the policies from its predecessor. So yes, I agree it may seem like we are going backwards — but I think that’s because we never moved forward. <eek>

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