Christian Nationalism — two words that together should never have been. I am deeply concerned about this problem. I really am. Nationalism belongs nowhere near the message of Jesus except to abhor it. It is when people who profess a love for God and Jesus and they lose focus of just that. It is horrible and twisted and perverted in every way. It is the pathway to Militheocracy and nothing less. Just like the erroneous expectation that Jesus had been there to eradicate the Roman rule and he said no he was not, people still think Jesus is to conquer every nation and pull them into it. When the truth is that should someone choose to listen/follow Jesus that it be from an individual choice. People who came to follow Jesus all had different reasons to do so but it mattered not to Jesus, he cautioned all who followed him that it wouldn’t be easy to do so. Yet since then and today People still choose to do wrong by Jesus' teachings. They think it is ok to browbeat others, make conquering warriors of themselves for Jesus, to force others, to trick others, to guilt and shame others. That is no way to be a follower of Jesus and neither is Christian Fundamentalism or Christian Nationalism. If you choose to take up the cross with Jesus then you better reread what transpired and accept that and move on. Period.

Jesus doesn’t need guns, Jesus doesn’t want law makers to legislate the poor, the down trodden or dispossessed because Jesus wouldn’t and didn’t tap the shoulders of those kinds of people when he walked this good earth. Jesus didn’t but give carte blanche it was very clear who he did visit. Time for people to put up or shut up because I for one am tired of the rantings of people who profess Jesus with their lips for have no love for him in their hearts. The fall of the "church" is coming and it goes without question for me. I know what I have seen and I am glad it comes because for once people may truly know what that cross is truly like to bear and I assure you it is not pretty, nor easy but it is a path unlike any other.

There are some incredible opportunities to do right, but this is not it. Jesus didn’t want an army, if he had wanted that he would have said so. I see no words in red that say so. It is disappointing how easy people in the “church” are falling. I am glad so much comes to light but hopefully it will not hold others back from studying the words in red. After all this time it was bound for a fall, the prideful arrogance that resides within those who push this Christian Nationalism is ripe for the biggest fall ever, like rotten fruit, waiting for the wind that will push it off the tree. People who listen and think on the words in red, they will see the wisdom in humbly accepting what Jesus accepted too, humanity. Humanity doesn’t belong to a country, it has no borders.

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