Something Corrupted This Way Comes
Robin Alperstein

He may be corrupt but what the hell is new? Ethics are not the hallmark of our system. Where have you been for the last 30 years in politics observation and participation? This presidency is the natural outcome of the past ones. The further entrenchment and vitriol is almost blase` and just a big giant duh…

Now if you are only willing to focus the outrage on the current president as heinous as he is and not everyone propagating it all to this apex then you are shortsighted truly. Our Nation is complicit in corruption world wide under one presidency after another. We have to break this mold. Stop batching and extrapolating the obvious and get your asses in the trenches that actually do the work?! Bernie Sanders said we are headed to an Oligarchy, well NEWSFLASH! We already are! Or a Kleptocracy! Whichever but dammit stop your bullshit and get to work. or even is about making the changes.

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