The Moral Fallout When Academics Sell Out
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

I am a GenXer, (spelling ?) And trust me I know how scared to death boomer parents are. I about cry with them as I see them struggle with the thought of retiring at 65 and scared half to death. I felt my Mother in laws feet, they are horribly messed up from working on a stand up forklift for 18 years in a Walmart warehouse. The fear in her face is scary to see, the fear of watching her weigh the cost of just working part time instead of full time for Walmart because even though she will make less in the store she will be on her feet for 6 hours instead of 12. Her retirement had to be tapped into when her husband lost his job a few years ago, he being her age as well, he got a job at another retailer, lucky him, for half of what he was making before and less hours. Retirement savings for some people is almost nothing. Holly they work so damn hard. I see my mother in law at 64 (65 in a month and a half) who is 10 years younger than Bernie Sanders who can work harder than people younger than me with no complaint until she gets home exhausted.

Terrified is probably the better choice of word. Facing a mortgage of $600 a month, with $60k left til payoff and SS benefits estimated at $1000 a month for her, less for him and he still has to go a bit longer. It is terrifying. So yeah these glib investment bullshit ads are just that bullshit. Established bullshit.

Bullshit that us younger people see that tell us, oh yeah your parents will be just fine if they do this and this and this. Bullshit.

Fuck if I know why it is this bad because to be honest she actually has it good, has it better than some other people I know. I look at her feet and I cry.

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