Don’t let a crisis go to waste
John Peterson

John, you must have a touch of the spirit of Thoreau. Life daily gives us an opportunity to be honest and open. I echo your observances. I will never forget holding my beautiful grandmother’s hands, I was doing my very best to comfort her, but I quickly realized she was trying to comfort me to accept what was inevitably coming next. I was humbled deeply and profoundly. More than once in my lifetime I was allowed these times to be humbled in the big ways and in the seemingly smaller ways too. The most important thing we can do is keep noticing those opportunities.

We could absolutely live like the other shoe is about to drop or act like it never would but truly it is about balance. Now that is an easy word to say but not so much an easy practice because for everyone it is something else in meaning.

John, I think you must deeply understand the importance of honest living to want others to have it too and writing this I think you achieved that for the people who read this. Thank you for all the heart you gave it, thank your illustrator friend too and I am thankful people have resonated.

I hope you have more great observances ahead still in store for you. Honor up and out to your loved ones who have passed. Whether you believe in something after or not honor is never something to withold from those who pass on.

With warm regards from a fellow traveler,

Melanie Davis

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