Dear Jessica, Some People Thrive On Fear-mongering And Hatred, I’m Not One Of Those People
Carl Tennenbaum

So this is not about communication at all. This feels like an apologetic piece. Perhaps this word salad was supposed to quell the hatred or something to bring people who are scared and clearly targeted back into “rationale”? Peppering in some common sense sounding stuff doesn’t mean this is right. Police conduct has been out of control for decades and it because of technology that the word is spreading faster and yeah it is stirring up some truths about what many people face. This idea that cops get scared for themselves and others is starting to become really lame as an excuse to not call out and start combing through the ranks for getting rid of the cops that are corrupt/abusive until they show up on a national stage. The “brotherhood” of police (that’s what they call themselves) does some pretty shady shit and I am dismayed that this is being swept under the rug. What a shame!

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