Some POV from an Independent Voting Citizen

• Independent voters are not drawn to herd politics but to individuals who work hard/show their ability to work with the people.

•Independent voters show up when people who are like them step up and out from their work because they have been told they are needed in an elected seat.

•Independent voters don't need partisan input to tell them how to vote.

•Independent voters don't require the herd mentality to ask questions and decide for themselves how they will vote.

•Independent voters don't need to see a laundry list of donor endorsements to decide if someone is worthy voting for.

•Independent voters know that they need to consider a campaigns financials because it is a huge piece of the pie and know where to look for that information.

•Independent voters don't need parties because they know why parties are created - to divide the electorate.

•Independent voters does not equal "undecided".

How can I speak on this? Because I have been an independent voter since before the internet and Google was a thing we turned to every day. I read articles from multiple sources, I compared it to my sense of intuition, my integrity, my knowledge of our political system, my life experiences, I honed my ability to sniff out bullshit, how to have conversation with people from many POV and who vote that way. Have I regretted votes and outcomes, yes. My methods though have kept me out of party indoctrination and assimilation. It has kept me in a place where I constantly question the motives of people in politics. Why? Because it effects people's lives. Policies and mandates that can harm my fellow citizens because of some representative "on the take" should be a massive concern for everyone and it absolutely should color how we vote.

Campaign slogans do not impress me. Campaign sign and flyer designs do not impress me. 
Campaigns begging for money doesn't impress nor instill in me any extra sense of loyalty nor understanding of a candidate's understanding about the people.

If anyone thinks that is what it is all about then they have more to learn and probably should just return to the sandbox. Real leaders are not leaders in the misconception of the word. Real leaders are very different from it in fact. Most real leaders don’t actually know they are leaders and that is the truth. Self anointing is pretty much how it is done these days but it is empty and unviable and ultimately fake. Sociopaths become "leaders" all the time and use people for their gains and they come to fill vacuums that are created because of partisan politics. It is why some backwards US citizens drop their panties when they see the name Kennedy and declare that their champion. What a sad thought! A worse fate is the fate of those who make a choice to miss the point about the direction that voters are taking to change the dichotomy.

A deeper lesson is for the recently declared independent. Take heart! Seek solutions and work that is non-partisan. Do not worry about punditry that seeks to undermine your newfound independence. You can be a trailblazer but still work together with others. You now understand that parties really are ineffective for society if you look deep enough. No one party is going to fill the holes that the 2 main parties have created in our nation. Just know that by breaking away and becoming independent that you are making a wise decision.

Don’t let people tell you that you are a myth, because you aren’t. Don’t let people tell you that you are the left, the right, the middle, the blah blah blah…be YOU a thinking person with a moral compass that guides your vote. When you are an independent voter for a long time you come to respect other voters even when it is not how you would vote. Sure you might think someone made an uneducated vote, be disgusted by the candidates that people have to choose from to vote for but real independent voters do exist, and we are a group growing. Growing tired of rhetoric that won’t quit. Growing tired of politician’s word salads and their supporters rhetoric gymastics to get you to side with them. But ultimately you know they don’t get to have a say in your vote. Only you do with all the things that you have learned to come to that point.

I also know that not all independent voters are on the same page on all the same concerns. We are a many and varied population and it is the true picture of our national population’s ideals…a melting pot of many. Many independents understand that we are able to be ourselves completely but understand our role in the relationship of our nation as citizens. We know it exists and must show up when we must. We do not have to cling to parties to find our value and worth as citizens.

Someday we will perhaps coalesce for the true purpose of inclusion, equity and justice and strive to push back against what seeks to divide us.

Oh yeah and 1 more thing...

● Independent does not equal ALONE.

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