White Hollywood, Please Stop Talking. You Are Losing Your Shit
Ezinne Ukoha

You are absolutely right. It is the glaring reality that even though so many people think that being liberal, being white and being female means that they understand the problems of inequality and white privelege. Feminism (white female feminism) still has the privilege that they refuse to acknowledge and that is the hardest part for them to understand. I just happen to be a woman, white for all intents and purposes who understands this basic fact and I didn’t understand the differences in the ideas of feminism. Women of color are usually used but never given an equal voice in feminism. You are right to write this please let me know if you would like a contact I have that writes about this issue, she is First Nations in Canada. Sometimes it can get a little militant but the complete and total betrayal by womankind, humankind to this truth will further keep us back as people moving forward through racial privilege.

This is a time for speaking up, this is a time for supporting voices like yours. I am going to share your message.

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