The Pure Loveliness of Thrift Stores

The average college student is swimming in schoolwork, too busy for a job, and is the owner of an empty wallet. Shopping for new clothes (or anything really) becomes an unattainable luxury.

I was faced with this reality up until this semester; up until I was introduced to the beauty of thrift stores. You might be wondering how I only discovered the secret of these affordable treasure coves now. While I had heard of them in the past, there were many preconceived notions of thrift stores that kept me from shopping there. Many people believe that thrift stores are dirty, full of cheap articles, and are horrifically disorganized making it hard to find anything anyway.

Let’s fact it, some thrift stores can seem like mazes, discouraging you from finding much. And while there can be some questionable articles for sale, you can walk away with some incredible steals. I learned this first-hand during my very first venture of thrift store shopping.

My friend believed that it was absolutely unacceptable that I had never participated in one of her own guilty pleasures, so she insisted I accompany her to Value Village. When the sliding doors opened, I was completely overwhelmed. There were rows upon rows of clothes, a section towering with books, and another with cookware and home décor.

I followed her aimlessly for the first 15 minutes, as she proved that successful shopping in such shops truly is a craft.

I decided to journey out on my own for a little bit and rummaged through overflowing racks of all different types of clothes. In every store, I always seem to be drawn to the dresses, and this store was no exception. I was giddy just looking at the two long rows of dresses. Amongst the assorted styles, colours, and brand names, I was able to pull out four cute dresses. I felt accomplished walking to the changing rooms, however as I finished trying the last article of clothing, I was met with the oh-so-familiar heaviness of disappointment in my chest. Glancing at all I had tried on, I knew my wallet could only afford so much.

[Insert joyful music here]

Fortunately, I wasn’t at any old store and the cost of all four dresses was $25, which would have been the price of one dress if it were brand new. Needless to say, I went home with all four dresses.

I learned all about the perks of shopping in thrift stores that day. An abundance of choices, darling dresses, and low prices, all pretty lovely to me!