MC: Ricky Book 10 is my newest book. It should be out by March 1st.

Copyright 2017 L. Ann Marie

This takes place when Ricky gets home from an Ops trip. He finds Elizabeth being where she shouldn’t. Elizabeth finds Ricky’s beard, well, a little exciting….


Ricky says walking toward me, “You never have to follow shit like that again. Ask Protector Ops to check procedure if you have to but don’t do shit you think is wrong.” I’m staring at his face with the scruff wondering how that will feel on me then remember he’s talking. I nod and he hugs me. “Let’s feed them cake so they’ll leave me the fuck alone for the rest of the day. I missed you Menina.” He holds me tight kissing my head.

I squeeze him as my body clenches. I’m going to feel that scruff on me today.

Everyone shows at the house for fuckin’ cake, even Digs is here. When they’re almost done Uncle Danny shows. “That’s it!” I cut a quarter of the cake that’s left and hand them the cake platter. “Take it to the patio or home but go eat your cake somewhere else. I’m eating mine off Ricky. Unless you want that in your fuckin’ head, get out!”

Tiny takes the platter holding the dome like it’s a treasure and walks out with everyone following. When I turn, Ricky’s chin is on his chest and he’s looking at the floor. “Menina. I’ve been trying to get them out since we moved in.” He looks at me with a smile. “I’m using sex from now on.”

I laugh and he’s all over me. “I wanted to feel your beard on me. It’s all I can think about since I saw you walk in the bar.”

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