When you should leave a toxic relationship

After this clip from an interview went viral, meme’s and Twitter exploded with much backlash.

On Valentine’s Day, the Scene released this video, “Broken,” of two exes, Kourtney Jorge and Leonard Long III confronting each other about their past relationship that involved quite a bit of Leonard cheating.

In this seven minute video we hear all about the neglect and abuse that was put into the couples relationship. Jorge mentions when they met originally in college they weren’t that close but as the story progresses about their relationship we learned they moved into the same apartment complex and eventually became very close friends before they started dating.

The more stories we hear from the two, the more we learn about Leanord’s infedelity.

Jorge mentioned that she would go through Leonard’s phone and see pictures and texts from multiple girls, and when she asked about them he lied.

He even admits to having sex with multiple girls, so many that he can’t provide a fair count of how many that might have been. Even when Jorge asked him to give an estimate, he still wasn’t sure.

Jorge even admits at one point in the video that she walked in on Leonard having sex with someone else and he told her to go back upstairs to her room, and she did.

When Jorge said she went back to her room and cried all night, social media went crazy. The internet tore Jorge to shreds, saying she was dumb for staying with him when she saw him cheating, but she claims she stayed because he was her best friend.

While it has always been common to hear of men always cheating on their girlfriends, and not being faithful I think this video showed how media constantly sides with men by glorifying them and degrading the women who stuck by them so faithfully.

I think it is fair to say that Jorge was very emotionally invested and attached to Leonard, but the media immediately started by targeting her and saying “she is dumb for staying,” or she should’ve left when she saw him cheating.

Instead, they glorified Leonard’s comments, almost laughing with him at the fact that he cheated on his girl so many times that he couldn’t count.

To anyone else it would make sense to leave that volatile situation, but Jorge really did like him. This relationship highlighted exactly how men see women as sex objects.

Leonard didn’t value Jorge for her personality or the relationship. Leonard valued sex.

And while there are several parody’s going around, none of them are addressing what was actually wrong with Jorge’s relationship or the fact that Leonard seemed to show no emotion or sign that he truly did care about Jorge at all.

Even with the Scene playing up Jorge’s heartbreak by showing her crying and walking out in the video, Leonard’s comment still seemed to throw the blame of the relationship not going well back on Jorge when he brought up the point that,

“if you would go to that measure to find whatever…why wouldn’t you just leave.”

While this might’ve been a reasonable question, and one that all the viewers wanted to know too, it still does not excuse the fact or help that he still continued to cheat on Jorge even when she brought it up.

In fact the break up came down to Jorge because it was evident Leonard didn’t care either way, he just wanted sex.

This furthers the point that to men, whether we are in magazines, advertisements, or human beings in their face, we are sexual objects, not people with feelings.

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