In this article, you’ll learn how we refactor critical code used daily by millions of users.

Every month, 10 millions of people are planning their day to day health appointments using Doctolib. In order to allow our users to find the right practitioner and book an appointment with them, we have implemented a structure which we call “the booking funnel”. Up until now, we have continuously improved this funnel to handle multiple features (document sharing, patient referral or extra informations).

In the end, this booking funnel was becoming more and more complex to allow all these scenarios to unfold correctly…

My New Year’s resolution is to write my first blog post and after attending the European Women in Technology event several weeks ago, I’m feeling inspired — so here it goes!

Usually when I go to a tech event, or anywhere related to the tech industry, there are not a lot of women. I have gotten used to it pretty quickly though, and I don’t pay much attention to it.

At European Women in Technology, there were so many different women! …

Mélanie Godard

Fullstack Developer @Doctolib

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