New Clarendon Space — Accelerating Capital One’s Digital Transformation

After a nearly year-long buildout, Card and Labs are excited to unveil a newly renovated, shared space in Clarendon, Va. The new space — located on the fourth and fifth floors at 3030 Clarendon Blvd. — will enable new forms of collaboration, encourage partnerships, and accelerate Capital One’s ongoing digital transformation. Modeled after the at Stanford University, the new space will provide an environment for teams to drive high-impact work and gain access to tools, coaches, and other support to bring their ideas to life.

As the space was being designed, the project team toured incubators and accelerators on both coasts to determine best practices for operating the space and fostering collaboration between groups. Initially, the space will host product teams conducting short-burst work ranging from two days to two months. Teams will declare goals and a learning agenda, time box their work, and rapidly test and learn. As successful projects grow, their space can grow with them by extending the track system or by relocating to a fixed project room.

“The Clarendon space will offer Card teams a powerful tool to leverage for collaboration across segments, services, and experiences,” said Matt Vischulis, Vice President in Card. “Teams will be able to use this space to focus on accelerating and delivering key initiatives alongside fellow product teams.”

A differentiating feature of the space are the configurable project rooms made possible through a custom-made track system including white boards, sound proofing and tv screens. This easy configurability will enable teams to adapt spaces based on immediate working needs.

In addition to co-located product teams, the project spaces will enable teams to collaborate by providing them with a complete history of their research, artifacts, and in-progress work. The space will host a variety of events including, design sprints, guest lectures, tech meetups, and much more. The eighth floor will continue to be home-base for the DC Lab and will occasionally be used for design jams, design thinking deep dive training sessions, and other high-impact internal and external events.

“This space will help Capital One teams’ turbo charge collaboration across traditional organizational boundaries,” said James Patterson, Managing Vice President and Co-Founder of Labs. “It will also help us deepen our engagement with the local tech ecosystem with an eye toward recruiting top talent.”

Both floors feature open project spaces, a family kitchen, and a library, and were designed to promote cross-team collaboration.

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