Me Too: Women Are Changing The Membership Rules

One after another, women around the world flooded timelines and newsfeeds with posts revealing they are a member.

A lifetime member of a group we never asked to join. Membership in this group is not free, it comes with a high price.

The dues impacted each of us differently, but it cost us all emotionally, mentally, physically, financially or spiritually.

We paid dearly for living in a society where, for so long, men have been revered for using their power and control to force women into membership.

Today, women changed the membership rules. The “Me Too” movement empowered us to openly share our secret and stand in solidarity.

Whether a woman speaks up about the assault, harassment or abuse or -for her own reasons- remains silent, she now knows she is no longer alone.

This is the beginning of a new group. Membership is voluntary and the benefits are worthy. Membership is open to women and men. The only requirement: Unity in the fight to end violence against women.

Join Us.