Introducing a new way to learn Content Strategy online

Getting Started with Content Strategy—the course

As a tech writer, I was surprised to find that I spent a majority of my time doing non-writing tasks like solving content management issues, structuring navigation, and setting editorial standards.

So when I first learned about Content Strategy, I knew it was what I wanted to do.

The idea that there was a group of folks already working at the intersection of Information Architecture, User Experience, and writing excited me. I wanted to join this world!

But how? My approach was to read as many books as I could, immediately start integrating Content Strategy techniques into my work.

It took a few years for me to land a great role as a Senior Content Strategist for a tech company.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the path I took to becoming a Content Strategist.

What if someone had guided me on the path, pointed out real-world obstacles, and given me strategies for overcoming them? What if they’d recommended books to read (walking me through the relevant sections) and people to follow?

My transition from writer to Content Strategist probably would have happened more quickly and with less stress.

Even just having someone to tell me, “That problem is normal. Everyone struggles with getting buy-in!” would have been incredible.

That’s what inspired me to create my upcoming course, Getting Started with Content Strategy. I wanted to give writers and other digital pros a roadmap to help them integrate the most powerful Content Strategy techniques I’ve learned into their work, as quickly as possible. The course comes with access to a private Facebook group that lets students ask questions and get information from me and their peers.

My goal is to speed folks on their path to Content Strategy, so they can choose whether to stay in their current role or look for a new job in Content Strategy like I did.

Whether you’re interested in integrating Content Strategy into your design process, or you’re a writer who wants to up-level your career by adding strategic thinking to your content workflow, check out Getting Started with Content Strategy—I’d love to know what you think.

Here’s a sample video from the course, in which I differentiate between Content Strategy and Content Marketing:

What is Content Marketing?

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