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Top Five Goals for 2018

1. Create a consistent morning routine

2. Increase my value at work by learning all I can and becoming a better leader and mentor

3. Increase physical strength, especially core strength

4. Build better relationships with others, especially with family, friends, and in a dating context

5. Create an organized home


1. I’m not a natural morning person. I also haven’t been planning ahead at night, which sometimes leaves me scrambling in the morning.

2. I enjoy what I do, but sometimes feel overwhelmed and somewhat burned out

3. I have had a couple minor lingering injuries that have thrown a wrench in my regular workout routine. Also, when I feel behind at work, I skip the workout.

4. I don’t always set aside the time to consistently stay connected with family and friends who do not live nearby.

5. With so much on my plate, including work, church, family, friends, etc., I struggle to make time to keep my home as organized as I would like to.

What I’ll Need to Do

1. I need to create a morning routing that includes prayer, meditation, journaling, reflection, planning, stretching, and back exercises. Being held accountable to others for my morning routine will help. I also need to plan ahead the night before so I am not as rushed in the morning.

2. I need to get into work earlier and have 60–90 minutes of focused work first thing that will allow me to complete my most important projects. I need to learn all I can about different areas of tax (I work in corporate tax), especially the new tax reform law that was just passed. I also need to meet one-on-one with those who report to me on a more consistent basis to better understand their goals, offer support, and provide feedback.

3. I need to educate myself on which exercises I can safely do without making my injuries worse and gradually increase the intensity of my exercises. I also need to learn more exercises for the core and to treat shoulder impingement. I need to do back stretches/exercises on a daily basis to keep my back from getting worse and additional strength training at least 2x per week.

4. I need to call/text family members more often and plan more activities. I need to invest in the right relationships from a dating perspective and find different opportunities to meet more people, whether at social events or online.

5. I need to set aside some time each week to devote to organizing my home. I have a few good written resources that I believe will help me with ideas as to how to best organize my home. I can also enlist the help of family or friends.

Why These Goals Are Important to Me

1. I believe a consistent morning routine will be the catalyst to help me with many of my other goals. I tend to struggle with time management and I think taking time to plan each day, week and month, will help me make better use of my time and help me feel less overwhelmed.

2. I work in corporate tax and enjoy what I do and the company I work for very much, but I feel like I can do so much more in my current position. There is so much opportunity for me to progress and succeed, I just need to work at it and demonstrate I can do more.

3. I have back issues that are minor at this point, but know I need to strengthen my core to prevent my back from getting worse and to maintain my long-term health. I don’t want to be limited by my back.

4. I want to strengthen my support group and also be a support to others. Also, my greatest life goal is to find and marry my best friend and create a happy marriage. I want an awesome husband, just like Ben has an “awesome wife!” I know I can’t completely control the timing of this goal, but know I can take actions now that will increase my chances of success.

5. I think an organized environment feels better and more peaceful. I want an organized home so that everything has a place and I can find anything I need. I try to keep things tidy, but could do a much better job and be more consistent.

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