The One Blog About Pedophile Rings You Won’t Share

I have known what this crazy butterfly supposedly represents for about a decade.

Blogs about it, and other signals pedophiles supposedly use to identify themselves as pedophiles and express the sex of children they are most interested in, randomly go viral and hysteria ensues. Not much comes from the hysteria, unless one of these images is found someplace. In that case it sets off a police investigation and much sound and fury signifying nothing.

Understanding pedophilia and child sexual abuse is complicated. Learning to recognize a few symbols and keep your…

Twenty one years ago, almost to the day, a man who sexually abused me for four years died. I still remember the electric jolt of happiness, relief, and triumph I felt when I heard the news.

As I read about Cardinal Law’s death, my mind wandered back to that day. It is impossible to know how much child sexual abuse and trauma Cardinal Law condoned. The Boston Globe’s famous Spotlight investigation into clergy sexual abuse condoned by Law concluded that roughly a hundred sexually abusive priests were allowed to sexually abuse more than a thousand children.

A thousand sexual abuse…

Roy Moore, Senator Flanagan and Governor Cuomo

The unceasing sexual misconduct allegations against the famous and powerful include many assaults of minors. None of them are more politically significant than those against GOP senate candidate Roy Moore. The allegations against Moore are forcing the Republican party to publically decide where they stand on child rape, and this decision is as relevant in Albany as in Alabama.

At the moment, five women have said Ray Moore had sexual relationships with them them when they were teenagers, and colleagues have said it was “common knowledge” that he “dated” teenagers.

Melanie Blow

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