• Sergio C. Magallanes

    Sergio C. Magallanes

  • Rachel RamjattanCFRE

    Rachel RamjattanCFRE

    CFRE passionate about helping people & non-profits change the world, nonprofit tech & social media geek, trainer, and writer. Happy wife, mom of 3 and quilter.

  • Cait Gossert

    Cait Gossert

    Product Marketing Manager @Celmatix

  • Felipe Waltrick

    Felipe Waltrick

    - Produtor de Conteúdo, Comunicador e Podcaster — Siga também meu Instagram @felipewaltrick

  • Rachel Gadiel

    Rachel Gadiel

    Empowering introverts to thrive in life + career 💁🏼‍♀️ ⋒ INFJ 💫 www.rachelgadiel.com

  • Sanshey Biswas

    Sanshey Biswas

    Journalist and trainer.

  • Roney Ngala ★

    Roney Ngala ★

    Your virtual Web worker and Copy-maker... I give businesses good looks on screens, and I'll be serving you #CupsofCopy - just to make the Internet nicer.

  • Antonios Fiorakis

    Antonios Fiorakis

    Tech entrepreneur, Fortune 40 under 40

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