Influence of Native American Culture

Melanie, Emma, Clare

Question: What would America be without Native Americans?

1. Alphabet of Things that the Americans Gave to the World



This question encourages students to realize the positive impact that Native American culture has on present-day America. Many young students do not realize the extent to which their culture influenced us to where we are today. As educators, we need to teach our students that Americans did not develop our culture, government, lifestyle, and tools on our own. Much of it was originally learned from the Native American culture and it is essential that we acknowledge the impact that they made. Simply just by looking at resource one, a student could ask if it weren’t for the Native Americans, would America have popcorn at the movie theater? Would America have chocolate or vanilla flavoring? What would the US Constitution look like? Would America know how to effectively farm? Finally, having students contemplate this question will cause them to appreciate the Native American culture and realize the importance of preserving the culture today.

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