Sustainable Investing Firm Portola Creek Capital Launches

Portola Creek Capital LLC, Launches

(San Francisco, CA) The latest entry on the burgeoning sustainable-investing scene is SEC-Registered Investment Advisor: Portola Creek Capital. Today, Portola Creek Capital launches in San Francisco and New York, founded by industry veterans Todd Wilson and Cynthia Lor.

Todd Wilson — CEO of Portola Creek Capital
“When we ask prospective clients whether or not their portfolios are aligned with their personal values, we are usually met with raised eyebrows”,

says Todd Wilson, CEO of Portola Creek.

“The investor then typically follows with an admittance that either they don’t know if their portfolio reflects their values, or they do not believe that it does, or they do not have any idea what we are talking about. In any event, we find ourselves in an engaging and valuable discussion.”

Sustainable and socially responsible investing has gained significant momentum lately as study after study illustrates a positive correlation between a company’s progress on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues…and stock performance. Individuals are more aware of the issues around them now and businesses are starting to realize the degree of influence they have when it comes to social impact. Social impact can be monumental when individuals and businesses work together to solve issues that matter the most to them. As an investor, it is possible to achieve double bottom line returns with companies focused on triple bottom line.

Cynthia Lor, President of Portola Creek, puts it this way:

Cynthia Lor — President of Portola Creek Capital
“Investors have been told for decades that they can invest with their conscience, but that it comes at a price: they will have to give up something in the way of performance. That is simply not true. Companies that treat the environment, their employees, and the community well, generally outperform their peers.”

Portola Creek is comprised of a deeply-experienced team of professionals that provide investment management, comprehensive financial and tax planning, decision analysis, counsel to small business owners, and generational wealth transfer guidance.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Portola Creek also has an office in the SoHo neighborhood in New York City. “On the margin, European companies are further ahead of the United States on measurable sub-factors within ESG criteria”, says Todd. “It was important for us to establish a presence in a time zone closer to our friends across the Atlantic.”

Visit their website at to learn more about the firm and to see if your investment portfolio is aligned with issues that matter the most to you.

Media and press inquiries should be directed to: Melanie Graham, Director of Marketing @ Portola Creek:

Portola Creek Capital, LLC

44 Tehama Street, San Francisco, CA 94105


Additional information about Portola Creek Capital is also available on the SEC’s website at The searchable IARD/CRD number for Portola Creek Capital is 288119.