Why I said Yes to Marrying You

Author’s Wedding in September 2015

I remember the exact moment I knew I would say yes if you asked me to marry you again. I knew in that very moment how lucky I would be just to be your wife.

We knew each other seven or so years by this point and it all clicked for me. I would be hard pressed to find a man with more kindness, empathy or support in his heart than you.

We were at Disney World, waiting in line for Pineapple Dole Whip. A well-to-do woman in front of us opened the lid to her paper coffee cup to put sugar in it. As she dropped the empty sugar packets on the floor, I stared, quietly outraged that she didn’t seem to care. Instead, you said nothing.

After the woman left, you stooped down and picked up every empty sugar packet and wrapper off the floor without saying a word. You placed the garbage in the trash can, only after she left.

You Do The Right Thing Without Thinking

In that moment, I knew that you were committed to doing the right thing. You didn’t waste time being frustrated with her, though you could have. You just didn’t want the workers to have to clean up for her or the animals to eat the trash. You didn’t even think about it. You just did it.

You Think of Others Before Your Self

When we went out with my family, my grandmother needed a wheelchair because she was ill. You insisted on pushing her, not so others weren’t inconvenienced, but so my grandmother was comfortable. You treated her like it was your honor to help her instead of a burden that needed to be pushed.

You Embrace Family and Know How to Have Fun

One day, we went out with Richy to have a great day. Even when he had a few temper tantrums from being tired, you still had fun with him. I could tell you had a good time watching the Barney show, even if you wanted me not to notice. I knew at that moment, no matter what we did together, you’d be fun and make the best of it.

You Empower Me To Succeed

I never have to pay for painters, carpenters or handymen because of your volunteering spirit. When I moved into my new office before we officially worked together, you took care of all the patching and painting, even when I forced you to remove those 10,000 staples from the wall and patch each hole. I knew in that moment you’d support my career, no matter where it went.

You Help People Even When They’re Annoying

One day, we went to get off a monorail after riding with the most obnoxious and mildly racist people. They kept shoving their baby stroller into us and I wanted nothing more than to just get off the train. We got off before the stroller because of where we were located, but when the stroller got caught in the exit door and the mom struggled to get off the platform, you were the only one that went back to help her.

You Ride the Little Kid Rides

Most guys I know would cringe at the thought of riding the little kid rides, like Dumbo the Flying Elephant. They don’t want to watch cartoons or be engaged with little ones. I think this picture speaks volumes about your character and spirit.

You Love Me Unconditionally

As a kid, I struggled with bullying and not fitting in. I was that kid with to-do lists, four planners and a huge schedule. I was heavy, wore glasses, and had an awkward personality. Despite all of this, you’ve never make me feel bad about my weight, moodiness or when I spend too much money on stuff I just had to have at Old Navy. You encourage me to relax and listen to me when I talk about the same things that bother me over and over again.

You Remind Me About Kindness

Yesterday, on the way home, we drove through a bit of a slum. There were panhandlers, homeless people and distressed people around our car. Most people would have rolled up their windows, looked straight ahead and pretended not to see them. You drove directly up to one man who looked more vulnerable than the rest, who held a tattered sign and was too skinny. You gave the change, and I’m pretty sure Chuck E Cheese tokens, out of your center console to the man because you knew he needed it more than you did.

Wherever you are, I hope that you’re lucky enough to have someone in your life like Russell. I hope you find ways to count every blessing they bring into your life and learn from them to be a kinder, more empathetic person. Without him, I’m sure my life would be less blessed.

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Melanie Green

Melanie Green

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