Extraordinary Money Hacks So You Can Save For Your Dream.
Tim Denning

Good advice, I’ve been culling my email offers and it’s helpful.

In the US it’s foolish to use debit cards for purchasing though. Too much hacking for one thing. If your credit card is compromised, you don’t lose anything, if your debit card is compromised, you could lose your whole bank balance. Some will say that the bank will cover it and that’s true, but it will take a few days at minimum. What if the mortgage is due then?

I also earn a lot of points and hundreds in cash refunds but it did get me into some spending trouble. The solution was to start a budget and treat that like cash. Youneedabudget.com isn’t free but I saved about 200 bucks the first month I used it, so that pretty much covered a couple years' subscriptions!

I should give up the movies. I love movies though. ☺ And books!

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