Women entrepreneurs could be the future driving force of Africa’s economic growth and prosperity

The Edit | by Melanie Hawken founder & editor-in-chief LionessesofAfrica.com

Entrepreneurship can have a powerful impact on the future growth of economies around the world. One of the most exciting developments is the role of women entrepreneurs as the drivers of this new entrepreneurial spirit.

The good news is that here in Africa, some countries are leading the way in this space, no more so than by the inspirational women entrepreneurs of Rwanda, Ghana, Nigeria and Uganda. According to the latest Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Women’s Report, a higher or equal number of business start-ups were created by women in these countries, as opposed to those by their male counterparts.

At a time when many countries in Africa are facing significant economic challenges, perhaps the answer could lie in more women being inspired and encouraged to start and build entrepreneurial ventures of their own. By doing so, they not only create a source of sustainable income for themselves and their families, but also build viable businesses that have the potential to grow, to create much needed employment opportunities for others, and to innovate in key sectors where a new way of thinking is needed. So, perhaps there has never been a better time for the women entrepreneurs of Africa to shine and genuinely drive the future direction of the continent’s economic growth and prosperity.

Originally published at www.lionessesofafrica.com on November 7, 2014.

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