Do this every time you go on Facebook

It’s been over 10 years now since I signed up for Facebook. Back when you had to petition for your school to get access and only college students were on it. Way back before parents, teachers, and youngsters were on it. No companies, online magazines, celebrities, sports teams. Not event cartoon characters.

10 years. How long have you had facebook? How many “friends” have you accumulated along the way? How many pages have you “liked”? Way more than you probably even realize.

Thinking about that quote “you are the company you keep”. You don’t think about it but that crosses over into the virtual world too. And it’s more important than ever. Who hasn’t ignored LinkedIn request from someone without a good business reputation now and again? Don’t lie.

This election and sociopolitical climate has helped my virtual culling. People posting about someone talking Mexican and deserving to be deported? Unfriend. Slavery was years ago. Black people are overreacting. Unfriend. Ban people from the Middle East from coming in. Not all of them want to kill us but most do. Unfriend.

I am always up for a good debate. But if we are going to debate, please have your facts straight on why your stance is what it is. “Because it is” is not a sufficient reply. Nor is racist, bigoted, xenophobic rhetoric.

I can’t control the media’s bias toward negativity nor the statements from politicians and everyday people spewing hatred and fear.

But I can control my Facebook feed.