It’s just not about my size.

“I don’t look like a coach…”

This is a conversation I’ve had repeatedly with myself over the years…when I lost weight I felt validated, I’d earned the honorary “fitness badge” — as shameful as it is to say it, I felt like I was now privlidged and could go forth and teach others.

Except I hadn’t really learnt enough about myself, my certificates didn’t prepare me for when life changed, when routine changed and when I weighed fifty pounds heavier.

Instead I felt ashamed of my body, my health and my appearance. I didn’t look like a coach AND I didn’t feel like a coach. I would constantly beat myself up, because I ‘should’ve know better’, I felt like a complete fraud.

I was also still completely bias towards what healthy looked like, and I still wanted to paint everyone with the same brush.


I had fed into what fitness “looked” like on social media and in magazines…I didn’t understand that the only reason I had likes on Facebook was because women felt inspired to also lose weight. Great, I don’t see anything wrong with that, but at that time I wasn’t teaching realistic strategies — I was pretty much just showing off my weight loss results.

No amount of side-by-side images are going to help someone lose weight, instead it feeds into “I can do this, so why can’t you?”.

I knew what to do, but I just wasn’t doing it.

Sounds familiar right? I hear this from women all the time…

“Melanie, I know what to do. I know I need to clean up my diet, move a little more, not sweat the big stuff and relax. I just don’t do it”

I feel like there is two sides to this dilemma, whilst the ladies I coach can see the ‘bigger picture’ when it comes to their health — they are still confronted with this bullshit imagery of fitspo. Every.Damn.Day. So whilst we can know what to do, we still question it, we still want results yesterday…even when we know it doesn’t work.

We still want to look like we fit.

That’s why I coach for fat loss, because I 100% know how this feels, I know what t’s like to want to be healthier, but still want to lose a few pounds. I know what it’s like when you want your clothes to fit better and you want to be around for longer. With this comes a lot of honesty, and realism:

It’s about so much more than just your weight, and you gotta get your mind right to navigate through life whilst choosing YOURSELF over every other bull shit thing that comes up.

I’ll be honest I’m currently overweight, according to BMI I measure as “obese”, and for many years I’ve taken the BMI measurement as just ONE tool in my toolbox, it doesn’t consider my daily health commitments or muscle mass.

So how can I coach YOU, if I still have fat to lose?

I have a few answers but my first is this: my weight has absolutely zero to do with your success.

:: If YOU want to change your health and lose fat, then I will help you do that. I have been through this diet bullshit for almost two decades, I am a veteran dieter and I have learnt what NOT to do. I’ve also gained qualifications which [a] allow me to coach you and [b] teach you how to lose fat and balance your metabolism.

:: My body weight, shape or size shouldn’t affect your motivation to succeed. If you have goals you want to achieve, and I can help you do that — why is my body a factor? If you want a coach who is going to inspire you aesthetically then maybe I get it, but in the long-term what do aesthetics help you achieve? One of the things I can and will teach you is how to love your body NOW, no matter how much weight you want to lose. Your body is amazing and you need to love it, it’s no one else’s job to do that for you.

:: I am confident that I will inspire you to look inside of yourself, dig deep, I’ll ask the really uncomfortable questions that make you think “holy fuuuuu…” and I will get you to a place where you KNOW what to do AND will implement it.

:: I have earned my coaching qualifications through hard work, but my size has zero to do with it. I discovered putting my skills [problem solving] and my passion [health & fitness] together creates some life changing, transformations for other women.

It’s not about me, it’s about you.

The quicker you can realise this, the easier it will be to make some simple changes. Stop wishing to look like someone else and be the very best version of yourself!

It just isn’t about my size, or my body, or what I ate for breakfast. It’s all on you, and whilst any coach could help you, I’ll go all in on you. I don’t teach rules. I don’t provide the “very best” workouts. I help YOU to get shit done — period.

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